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Dance Party

Dance Party

It is the start of a new week.  And the last week has felt like a month, can I get an Amen?

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heavens.  I propose it is time to switch from mourning to dancing!

Let’s start a dance party up in here.  Post a song below in the comments that get’s you on your feet & moving!


Keep it going…

Fun Night

Fun Night

Anybody else feel like it is been an incredibly looooooooooooooooooong week?

Well it’s finally the weekend and it’s time to take a breathe and have some fun. Turn off the news & social feeds. Clean off the kitchen table & dust off your old board games.

Share some laughs & be silly for a little while.

What are your favorite games to play?



Hey everyone, I know I missed a day already in my goal to produce 21 Connection Blogs in 21 days.  I am a big believer that we need more GRACE in our world.  GRACE for each other & GRACE for ourselves. So I will chose to model the principle that GRACE isn’t just for others.  I think I’ll switch my goal to 21 blogs over the next month ?.

We are all in uncharted waters, and things are changing daily.  Please my dear sisters & brothers have GRACE 1st for yourself & then for those around you as we figure out how to keep moving forward.

Let’s encourage each other by getting honest.  What is one thing that you need to give yourself grace for today? 

SNAP Out Of The Spiral

SNAP Out Of The Spiral

As our world continues to rapidly change around us it is easy to start to feel overwhelmed. It is important for us to be self aware enough to have systems in place that help us to snap out of the spiral of anxiety and growing fears.

In the study guide for “The Road Back To You” authors Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile introduce the concept of SNAP. It is a quick and simple way to redirect our thinking and become more aware of God’s presence in the here & now.

Stop – for a few minutes to consciously come home to yourself and to God. Take four or five deep, prayerful breaths to ground yourself in your body and return to the present moment.

Notice – what is going on around you & in you. Are things around you calm or chaotic? How are you relating to what is going on? How are other people responding to you? Are you in a good space or using reactive behaviors? Observe what you are feeling. At this point don’t label, or analyze, simply notice.

Ask – now that you are awake to the present moment & what is happening, ask yourself a few questions that will help get you back on track if you need it.

  • What am I believing right now?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • Is it true?
  • Who would I be if I let go of that belief?

Pivot – now that you’ve become more self-aware you are freed up to make different, healthier, more spiritual choices that line up with your true self rather than defaulting to your autopilot responses.

What SNAP does is help us to interrupt our self-limiting thoughts, feelings and actions associated with our personality. It helps us to wake up to God’s presence and sovereignty in the moment. It can be done anywhere and anytime. You can devote a few quick minutes several times a day or a week long retreat to this process. It takes some practice, but it can tremendously increase your self-awareness while decreasing fear and anxiety.

Do you have a go to verse or quote for when you are feeling overwhelmed? What other actions help you overcome your fears? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll continue to add your input to the following Pinterest Board. Watch the list grow & come back often for encouragement.


Kids’ Activities

Kids’ Activities

Are you already stressing about what you are going to do with your kids on their “extended spring break” while practicing Social Distancing?

A new routine (or lack there of) is sure to cause some amount of stress in every home.  You are not a bad parent because your kids are getting on your nerves or driving you crazy saying they’re bored.  There is safety & security in the pattern of our routines, for both children & adults.  And when those routines get interrupted, everyone feels a little less secure.

Grace & planning are going to be your friends during this time.  Give yourself, & everyone around you, the grace of time to figure things out.  Things won’t be perfect on the first day. 

Sit down together and make a plan.  Take some time to hear each person’s concerns & fears and address them.  If your child’s biggest concern is missing friends, consider giving them a certain amount of facetime to stay connected.

Spend some time clarifying expectations.  Establish some structure to your days by setting specific times to read, play games, study, do a craft project, watch TV, eat lunch.  Maybe even make a schedule to put on the fridge.  This way everyone knows what to expect & you can find new security in new patterns & routine.

Maybe specific times sounds too restrictive for your household.  Then don’t assign times but make a list of say 3 things we want to do today.  We want to complete homework, make lunch together & read a book.  Then have a reward at the end if they all get accomplished that day.  Make it work for your household & the people in it.

Remember that keeping your family healthy through social distancing does not mean you are alone or without resources.  I’ve been seeing some amazing options popping up all over social media.  Help me build a compiled list for easy reference by jumping over to  Watch the list grow & come back often for fresh ideas.

I’ve been seeing some amazing options popping up all over social media.  Help me build a compiled list for easy reference by sharing your resources in the comments below.  I’ll continue to add your suggestions to the Pinterest Board so you can easily search for ideas when you need them. Watch the list grow & come back often for fresh ideas.