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No matter if it is the Coronavirus, upset stomach, migraine or a bad hair day that is keeping you home on a Sunday morning it doesn’t mean you have to miss church. Actually it opens up an incredible number of possibilities. Today’s technology allows you to live stream services from all over the world. Most will allow you to rewind to catch that scripture verse you missed or even pause for bathroom breaks. And if you get there late, no one will know!

Streaming church services does not replace the connection we feel sitting next to, praying next to, or shaking hands with our church family. But it does provide us with a God connection. It can help us to maintain the discipline of setting time aside to prioritize our faith. Praising, renewing & growing our connection with The Savior. And who knows, it may make you miss & appreciate your home church a little more.

So if you are home on your couch this week, don’t just skip church. Try something different. Watch a friends church. Watch the church of a Christian author you enjoy. Or randomly pick one from the comments below.

If your church steams your services post the link below in the comments with your service times. Or maybe you already have a service or two that you like to watch on line for a mid week lift, please share them below.